Proper pressure regulation and flow control requires a complete understanding of the many stages of gas delivery. PERC’s service technicians specialize in sizing regulators, working with flow schematics and performing the required inspection, maintenance and repairs necessary to keep critical system pressures and flows stable for proper supply.

Annual Regulator Lockup Test Service
Technician will perform the manufacturer’s recommended procedure for regulator lock up test and replacement of spare parts. Your system will be returned to service and a report showing full compliance with local agency required inspection is provided.

Regulator & Relief Valve Repair
Complete inspection, disassembly and rebuild of your regulator and/or pilot utilizing factory authorized procedures and O.E.M. replacement parts. Manufacturer’s recommended pressure test of final assembly is completed.

Becker Valve Repair, Upgrade & Maintenance
Expert assistance for rebuilding and retrofitting any GE Becker ball valves, regulators, control valves and instrumentation/accessories. Services include:
• Field troubleshooting/consulting
• Installation and commissioning
• Valve and stem lubrication service
• Repair and reconditioning of the following components:
– Valves: ball valve stem seals, actuator cylinder tube and piston seals
– Instrumentation: pilots, pneumatic positioners, digital positioners
• Instrumentation package upgrade installation for old or obsolete systems

Regulator & Relief Valve Training
GE Mooney, GE FlexFlo, or Sensus (formerly Rockwell) regulator theory of operation, application & specification review, troubleshooting and hands-on maintenance training provided.

Becker Valve Training
GE Becker Precision Instrument control valve theory of operation, application & specification review, troubleshooting and hands-on maintenance training. Specific valve configurations pertinent to your system can be used for training exercises.

Regulation & Flow Control Consulting
Our expert consultant reviews your minimum and maximum flow requirements, suggests appropriate regulation solutions, plans piping configurations and confirms your project timeline.

Field Services Offered
Line Heaters
Regulation & Flow
Plug Valve Maintenance
Electrofusion & Butt Fusion


No mechanical joints!
Our Swagelok certified technician
will Orbitally arc weld all tubing and
valving connections in your liquid odorant lines to insure long term joint integrity and provide a 100% leak free system.

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